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Healthy Families New York is an evidence-based program, which means that the positive outcomes associated with the program are supported by the research of independent scholars using the most widely accepted methods and standards of the scientific community. The evaluation work done in New York has contributed to Healthy Families America being classified by the federal government as an evidence-based program.

Evaluation in Healthy Families New York takes two primary forms: continuous quality improvement (CQI) through the monitoring of performance measures and a longitudinal randomized controlled trial (RCT) begun in 2000 that is currently collecting data for a 15-year follow-up.

Healthy Families New York Works!

Improves birth outcomes

mother with newborn

Prevents child abuse and neglect

  • 50% reduction in subsequent confirmed child protective (CPS) reports after 7 years for mothers with a confirmed report prior to program entry.
  • 49% reduction in the rate at which children of young, first time moms who enrolled early in pregnancy were confirmed as victims in CPS reports between ages 5 to 7.
  • At ages 1, 2, and 7 HFNY mothers reported committing 75%-88% fewer acts of serious physical abuse.

Promotes success in school

Elementary school class
  • 50% less likely to repeat first grade.
  • 70% more likely to score above grade level in first grade on three specific behaviors that promote learning.
  • 2.7 times more likely to be participating in a gifted program by age 7.
  • 26% reduction in receipt of special education services by age 7.
  • 23% reduction in below-average scores for receptive vocabulary for children of young, first-time mothers who enrolled in the program early in pregnancy.

Father reading to children

Supports positive parenting

Piggy bank

Saves money

  • $1,000 to serve a family during pregnancy is totally recovered before a child’s birth due to a reduction in low birth weight births.
  • For mothers with histories of CPS reports, there was a return of over $3 for every $1 invested by child’s 7th birthday.