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HFNY Training Team

Prevent Child Abuse NY is a private, not-for-profit agency serving all of New York State whose mission is to prevent child abuse in all its forms, with a focus on community programs and public policies that prioritize prevention right from the start, to make sure child abuse and neglect never occur. PCANY oversees the Training and Staff Development Team for HFNY.

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Erika Leveillee
Training & Staff Development Director

Erika’s experience has been working with children, youth, and families in the child welfare, juvenile justice, and primary prevention arenas. This has been by way of voluntary agencies, local departments of Social Services, as a university partner to the Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS), and as a Central Administration partner with Healthy Families New York (HFNY). She is specialized in areas of evidence-based, culturally competent and trauma-informed care, safety and permanence, and promoting the achievement of positive, measurable outcomes. She earned her Master’s Degree in Social Policy at Empire State College. She coordinates training and professional support for the HFNY home visiting program staff throughout New York

Manouska Archer
Training & Staff Development FRS Specialist

Manouska has been with Healthy Families for over ten years and joined the training team in December of 2015. She was the program supervisor for Newburgh Healthy Families for seven years. She played the role as a mentor, leader, educator, and a support to her staff members while maintaining a high level of professionalism. She is extremely passionate about providing services to the at-risk expectant and new parents in her community. She graduated with a Bachelor degree in Human Services at Mount Saint Mary College. She is also currently attending Adelphi University to pursue her Masters in Social Work. Additionally, she is a member of various committees in her community such as member of the Youth Bureau, Team Newburgh, Corporate Complaint/Auditing Monitoring committee, and member of Community Outreach as well as Cultural Diversity Trainer.

Fatima Horne
Training & Staff Development FRS Specialist

While she conducts various trainings for HFNY staff, Fatima’s primary role on the team is to develop and implement training opportunities for Family Resource Specialists. She also tours program sites throughout NYS to conduct quality assurance visits. This practice assists program managers and supervisors to ensure that their staff is effectively implementing the learned skills and techniques of for conducting the Family Resilience and Opportunities for Growth (FROG) Scale and relaying that information for ongoing program service. Fatima has been on the training team since 1997. Before joining the team, for 6 years she was the program manager for the Albany County Healthy Families Program, one of the original nine programs to initiate HFNY with the goal of demonstrating to the state legislature that participation in HFNY would result in improved outcomes for children and families.
Her favorite part about being on the team is the opportunity to work with all of our HFNY programs. Fatima is also an HFA National Trainer and serves on the HFA Training Advisory Council (TAC) allowing her to share her experiences, expertise and support the HFA national organization. Fatima is proud of the unique focus in NY on our implementation of strength-based practice and father involvement. She is proud to be part of, and to work with, a team and colleagues who value these philosophies and work to incorporate both in all aspects of service provision.

Isabel daSilva
Training and Workforce Development Specialist

Isabel graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Mount Saint Mary College. Isabel has over 16 years of prior experience in the Human Services field. She began her work as a youth advocate, supporting youth that were at risk of residential placement, and transitioned into the mental health field where she added to her experience case management and mental health crisis work. She maintained her role as a mental health crisis worker for over 10 years. She joined Healthy Families New York as a supervisor in Orange County, NY. Isabel supervised both Family Resource Specialists and Family Support Spec. During that time, Isabel added to her knowledge of child development, psychology, and social interventions. As a preventive supervisor, Isabel also provided internal trainings for the agency's staff. She found that facilitating trainings versus teaching the staff was the most effective method to their professional and social development. Currently, as a Healthy Families Training and Workforce Development Specialist, Isabel continues to work towards supporting the Healthy Families America mission to promote child well-being and prevent abuse and neglect. Isabel focuses on home visitor core training and Family Support Specialist QA activities .

Samantha Fields
Training & Staff Development FSS Specialist

Samantha has worked in both outpatient and home-based settings for the past 9 years since receiving her MSW from NYU’s Silver School of Social Work. Throughout her undergraduate studies at Queens College, Samantha provided on campus academic and career counseling to other undergraduate students as a part of the peer counseling program at which time she received training in client centered counseling techniques. This solidified her interest in pursuing Social Work as her field of choice, though she initially wanted to be a Marriage and Family Therapist. She graduated with a BA in Psychology and a double minor in Business & Liberal Arts and Student Services & Counseling. Samantha began her professional career in outpatient mental health, providing individual and family counseling to clients of all ages after receiving her MSW. She moved into evidence-based practice as both a therapist and a supervisor in the Multi-Systemic Therapy-Substance Abuse (MST-SA) program at Sheltering Arms, working specifically with youth ages 12-17 who exhibited oppositional or high-risk behaviors. Samantha took on the role of Director of Maternal Child Health at Sheltering Arms for 5 years, overseeing the Healthy Families, Healthy Start and Circle of Strength- Toxic Stress & Trauma programs. During this time, she enhanced her knowledge of evidence-based practice. She also developed a greater passion for bonding & attachment, family development & dynamics, and the impact of trauma on physical,mental and relational health. Samantha has an untapped interest in marriage and family development throughout the lifespan, post-traumatic growth & resiliency and the impact of biology and life experiences on brain development. She is excited to be a part of the PCANY team and looks forward to continuing her professional growth.

Ellen Butowsky
Training & Staff Development Associate Director

Ellen has been with the team since 2004. In her role, she provides reflective support to team members on their training, technical assistance and quality assurance work. In her direct work with programs, she provides training and technical assistance to supervisors and program managers, as well as FSS quality assurance/site support visits to programs. She relishes the opportunity to help guide managers and supervisors in their professional development as it relates to the parallel process, practicing reflective practice, nurturing and retaining staff and learning the nuts and bolts of their jobs. Prior to joining the team, Ellen was Director of Community Services for Mid Hudson Family Health Institute where she initiated and oversaw the Healthy Families and Community Health Worker programs in two counties. Before joining HFNY, Ellen worked with migrant farm workers in rural North Carolina, women and families affected by HIV in Newburgh, NY, and as a home visitor to families in Washington, DC. Ellen also spent 3 years in Honduras in the U.S. Peace Corps working with women’s groups on income generating and health projects. Ellen has dual master’s degrees in Public Health and Social Work from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Lisa Galatio
Training & Staff Development FSS Specialist

Lisa was with the accredited Healthy Families program in Steuben County from 1995 - 2017. She served in all program roles at one time or another and was the Program Manager from 2000-2017. Lisa has degrees in Psychology and Management, as well as additional training in infant mental health and early brain development through her years with Healthy Families. Prior to working with Healthy Families, she was a home visitor with another local program supporting families at risk of losing custody of their children. Overall, she has 25 years of experience working with families of different circumstances to reduce their stresses and prevent child abuse and neglect prior to joining the training team.

Caroline Chant
Training & Staff Development FRS Specialist

Caroline has been with PCANY since 2008. In her role, she primarily focuses on visiting programs all over New York State to provide FRS, and FRS Supervisor Quality Assurance/Site Support visits. In addition, she conducts the Supervisor Core training. Prior to joining the team, Caroline was with the Ulster County Healthy Families Program for 8 years. In her time there, she had the opportunity to fill many roles (FSS Supervisor, Home Visiting Coordinator and Program Manager).
Caroline also worked as a Family Specialist for 10 years with youth and their families in a therapeutic foster care program, and as a case manager for UARC working with individuals with developmental disabilities. One of Caroline’s favorite parts of being on the team is the opportunity to go into the field and directly observe the tremendous work that is being done in programs and to provide opportunities for staff to step back and reflect on their practice.

James Porter
Training & Staff Development FSS Specialist

James was an FRS/FSS Supervisor at Ulster County Healthy Families before joining the PCANY training team in 2015. His career in social work spans over 30 years. Prior to Healthy Families, James worked in therapeutic foster care as a caseworker and supervisor. Here he witnessed the long-term impacts of child abuse and neglect, and saw how difficult it is for children to overcome this trauma. James is grateful to serve HFNY programs and staff as they prevent those outcomes and promote happy childhoods for New York’s children.

Tina Tison
Program Associate

Tina is currently the Program Associate for the Training Team at PCANY, coordinating and organizing the many different logistical aspects of all the trainings the team provides around the state. Tina has an academic background in Sociology and Child Development, and has previously spent many years working in two Healthy Families NY programs.

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New and cross-trained Family Resource Specialists (FRS) and Family Support Specialists (FSS) are oriented and prepared for their roles through basic training provided by Prevent Child Abuse New York (PCANY). Supervisors and Program Managers receive their basic training from offerings facilitated by the three branches of HFNY Central Administration. The skills and knowledge of staff are further developed through offerings such as the PCANY Prenatal Training Modules and Workbooks, the In-House Family Goal Plan Training and the Transfer of Learning website. These and various other training resources are provided on this page.

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Healthy Families Training Details Memo.
CA Message on Transition to FROG, 10/21
Transfer of Learning Site
Guide to Websites
HFNY Common Acronyms and Abbreviations

Click here for a list of Training Resources for orienting new staff. These trainings are based on the requirements outlined in the Best Practice Standards (BPS 10 &11). It is not an exhaustive list and you may need to supplement it with local materials.

Click here for the Recommended Order of Trainings.
If you have a great resource that you would like added to the list, please let Lisa Galatio from PCANY know at

Links to HFNY Trainings

HFNY Multi-Site System Orientation
Child Abuse Maltreatment Policy Presentation- GA-6
Healthy Families Service Plan Webinar - 03/15/2021
Service Plan Training Materials
Family Goal Plan Webinar - December 22, 2020
In-House Family Goal Plan Training

Prenatal Training Modules and Workbooks

Tutorial Video on Accessing Prenatal Training (Please watch before opening files below)

Prenatal Modules 1-3, Prenatal Manual

Prenatal Training Workbook - color

Prenatal Training Workbook - black and white

Additional Training Resources

Wraparound Crosswalk
Additional Training Resources.